Dental Specialist – An Essential Role

The dentist aims to provide all services required by the people for better dental health. The dentist also ensures that all aspects of dental health are well taken care of to maintain patients’ oral hygiene. There are various types of dental surgeries performed by┬áDentist. Some of the most common ones are:


Oral Surgeon: The main job of an oral surgeon is to take care of the gum and teeth. The main goals of an oral surgeon are to correct decayed teeth, correct stained or damaged teeth, take out pus-filled cysts and take out wisdom teeth. The most common goals of a dentist and oral surgeons are to make the patient comfortable, restore oral function, and prevent further oral surgeries. Other than this dental surgery, the dentist may also perform other oral surgeries like extraction of wisdom teeth, dental implants, bonding of teeth, orthodontic headgear, etc. Most of these dental specialists use traditional equipment and tools, but modern equipment is also used by them.

General Dentist: A general dentist performs all the basic oral care procedures. A general dentist may perform simple extractions, remove plaque and tartar, clean teeth, and diagnose and treat dental diseases. Besides this, a general dentist may also provide certain treatments such as filling the cavity completely, tightening and straightening of teeth, removing some tooth decays, removing gum tissues and making the gum tissue stronger etc. General dentists can perform all sorts of dentistry procedures.

Dental Assistant: The duties of a dental assistant include sterilizing instruments, preparing patients for dental procedures, taking and developing x-rays etc. The dental assistant provides general anesthesia to their patients, and they use tweezer, brush, toothbrush, rinser etc for performing dental procedures. Dental assistants in dental schools usually get trained for two years as assistants before being admitted in a dental school. They complete a special three-year course, after which they get admitted in a dental school. After completing dental school, they become a permanent member of a dental team and are equipped with all new dental equipment and skilled in repairing and installing dental equipments in dental offices and institutions.

Dental Hygienist: A hygienist is an expert who can diagnose various oral problems. He can make a diagnosis by using x-rays and other diagnostic tools. The hygienist can give advice about the correct procedures to be followed for the various problems. For example, if there is gum problem and there is bleeding, then he has to know the exact cause of the bleeding and prescribe the appropriate treatments for it. There are different kinds of treatments provided by hygienists such as giving mouthwash, removing plaque from the teeth, scaling of the teeth, filling up cavity etc.

Dental Surgeon: The dentist uses the equipment like laser and electric current for performing many procedures. The surgeries performed by the dentist can either be root canal treatments or tooth fillings too. Tooth fillings are basically used as a temporary substitute of natural teeth as it helps in avoiding the social stigma attached to having missing natural teeth.

Dental Specialist: The dental specialist is a professional who specialises in various fields of medicine. This field of medicine includes oral health problems. As the oral health problems include prevention as well as cure, a dentist can treat the patient for prevention-related problems and also cure them. It can be categorized into the following areas.

The dentist can help you in many ways by offering advice on how to maintain oral health. He may prescribe certain medicines and treatments for preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. Cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, bleaching, bonding, bridges, and veneers are performed by the dentists. Many cosmetic procedures are not done by dentists, but the dentist uses his expertise in performing these types of treatment. Proper oral hygiene is maintained by the dentist, and he is highly proficient in this field.