Copper Rescue Can Kill Germs and Treat Cold Sores

Copper rescue┬áis a revolutionary new germ defense system that’s revolutionizing personal hygiene and personal health as we know it. It combines the scientific knowledge of chemistry and biology to effectively inactivate various germs. The antimicrobial strength of pure copper paired with the uniquely shaped design of the Copper Rescue lends it an air of force and power to support your body to eliminate germs from its environment effectively. In addition, this product utilizes its own patented technology to stop germs before they even get a chance to multiply and reproduce. So you’ll never have to worry again about the germs that could be growing inside or on your body. Just rub it on, and off you go.


This is an affordable tool for anyone to use. It comes with a container that makes it convenient and easy to carry around. You can easily take it on trips and also use it as part of your professional cleaning regimen. This quality product will kill germs in the same way it aims to maintain a healthy inner balance.

This product can provide you with a safe way to prevent colds and other common illnesses. You will no longer have to worry about colds and the flu being able to come back to haunt you. Just as the name implies, the germ-fighting ability of copper Rescue can eliminate germs and harmful organisms that could bring about an assortment of symptoms that will leave you feeling weak, tired, and generally miserable. The ability to successfully counter the germs that cause these conditions will leave you feeling better than ever before.

The Copper Rescue can be used with any soap or liquid to create the ultimate germ-fighting solution for cold sores. The unique feature of this quality product is the germicidal properties that it possesses. This material has been used for centuries to treat various conditions effectively. The Copper Rescue compound contains multiple minerals that work together to successfully fight against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and other germs. As an effective antibacterial agent, the product can also reduce redness, swelling, and pain associated with cold sores.

Copper has always been an essential component of many different kinds of toothpaste, mouthwash, and other personal care products because of its antimicrobial properties. As an antibacterial agent, the copper rescue can inhibit the replication of harmful microbial organisms. This quality makes it an excellent antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even parasitic microorganisms. Copper has been proven to be effective against many types of germs and infections, making it one of the best products on the market for eliminating the harmful effects of harmful microbes.

It has long been known for its ability to help relieve cold sores by soothing the area and fighting off the discharge of pus from the sore. Moreover, copper has also been shown to kill germs in test tubes and animals effectively. In a conducted study, copper effectively kills bacteria and fungi in test tubes without killing any of the healthy bacteria in the lab. This finding has led scientists to conclude that copper rescue can kill germs and fight off cold sores in humans.

Because it is so effective in fighting germs, many copper salts or products have begun using it in other places. Products such as lip balm, hand soaps, soap, toothpaste, and other personal care items often contain pure copper chloride. You will probably notice that these same products are usually available over the counter at your local drugstore or supermarket. However, for people with susceptible skin, using a natural substance that has been proven to be effective at killing germs may be a better choice. Using a cream that contains copper is undoubtedly an option.

Copper has many benefits and uses. It can kill microbes without harming healthy cells might be of particular interest to those with sensitive skin and who have difficulties with germs living on their skin. Copper rescue is also available in a pure form applied directly to the skin in a cream or ointment to fight off the germs causing the painful outbreaks.